Archive for February 2009

7 Hours Left

That’s right, 7 hours left. Getting up at 5 am to get this started. Haven’t really trained in the past few days but I feel ready. Did some pool work and worked up a sweat on the bike. I’ll be ready…

4 Days Left

Did hamstrings and calves in the morning and riding a good 20 miles tonight on the T1.

6 Days Left

6 days left until the Chilly Willy Sprint. Haven’t trained for the past 4 days due to this damn cold. I’m feeling good about Sunday though. Going to get the body moving tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Coconut Grove Arts Festival

Nice piece by Lewis Tardy. Really nice guy. Check his other stuff at

Friday Night Ride

Rode into the night all night and all over the night! Then into the dirt. I somehow gained a-lot of weight during this last ride.

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