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Virginia Key Mountain Bike Trails open Feb 20.

10am ribbon cutting, open to ride all day.

Amelia Park MTB Race


Will and Jason decided they were going to make the first race of 2011 a mountain bike race at Amelia Park in Hialeah. The xterra is in March so getting into mtb fitness is a must. Here are a few shots:


Now that Winter is over, at least here in SoFlo, next on our plate is more dirt, but in a different manner; Mountain Bike racing is in order, and we’re hungry! Wut? Say it!

Tropical Cyclocross Fairchild Gardens Race Win

This race consisted of First Timers, Cat 3 and Single Speed, totaling 20 racers all together. A bitch because sometimes others not in your Cat could throw you off. But I quickly spotted the one other single speed rider, and realize he’s no other than Andy Mamber, a 40+ year-old who gets 1st or 2nd … Continue reading

2010 & 2009 XTERRA WC

2010 Xterra WC 2009 Xterra WC

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